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New Pub: Virtual Communities for Protocols Development and Discussion

Virtual Communities for Protocols Development The detailed know-how to implement research protocols frequently remains restricted to the research group that developed the method or technology. This knowledge often exists at a level that is too detailed for inclusion in the methods section of scientific articles. Consequently, methods are not easily reproduced, leading to a loss of time and effort by other researchers. The challenge is to develop a method-centered collaborative platform to connect with fellow researchers and discover state-of-the-art knowledge. is an open-access platform for detailing, sharing, and discussing molecular and computational protocols that can be useful before, during, and after publication of research results.


Ph.D. student Scott Daniel has advanced to the final round in University of Arizona’s “Gradslam” competition #uagradslam. The Gradslam competition is a chance for any graduate student at the university to present their research in 3 minutes or less. The event has a grand prize of $3,000. Scott competed against 15 other grad students with his talk entitled “What can poo do for you?”. While the title may be funny, the science behind it isn’t. It’s about saving colon cancer patient’s lives with the beneficial bacteria in our faecal matter. Scott will be competing in the final round on Monday, April 4th in the Steve Eller Dance Theater at 5:30pm. 16 - 1 (4)