About us

Bonnie L. Hurwitz, PhD, Principal Investigator

Dr. Bonnie Hurwitz is an Assistant Professor of Biosystems Engineering at the University of Arizona and Bio5 Research Institute Fellow. She has worked as a computational biologist for nearly two decades on interdisciplinary projects in both industry and academia. Her research on the human/earth microbiome incorporates large-scale –omics datasets, high-throughput computing, and big data analytics towards research questions in “One Health”. In particular, Dr. Hurwitz is interested in the relationship between the environment, microbial communities, and their hosts. Dr. Hurwitz is well-cited for her work in computational biology in diverse areas from plant genomics to viral metagenomics with over 1700 citations.

Ken Youens-Clark, Sr. Scientific Programmer and Technical Lead

Mr. Youens-Clark has over 18 years programming experience in industry (sales, publishing, health care) and biology. He is a committed open-source developer, having worked on the Gramene project (plant genomics) and developed the CMap comparative map viewer as well as several Perl modules. Mr. Youens-Clark is responsible for web and software development for the Hurwitz lab and leads up the technical team.

The Lab


Name Title Project
Vladimir Frolov Website Programmer VERVE Net

Graduate Students

Name Year Focus
Xiang Lui 2015-present The Wound Microbiome
Scott Daniel 2015-present Colon Cancer and the Gut Microbiome

Co-Advised Graduate Students

Name Year Department Focus
Illyoung Choi 2014-present Dept. of Computer Science Big Data Analytics in Metagenomics
Brian Hallmark 2015-present Statistics Graduate Interdisciplinary Program Comparative Metagenomic Algorithms for Marine Sciences
Chirag Shetty 2014-2015 Management Information Systems iMicrobe
Anu Mary Jacob 2014-2015 Management Information Systems iMicrobe


Name Year Project
Celina Gomez 2015-present VERVE Net
Jimmy Thornton 2015-present VERVE Net
Jeffrey Saccone 2015-2016 VERVE Net
Bill Wilder 2015-2016 Scripting and tool development