Our lab focuses on large-scale –omics datasets, high-throughput computing, and big data analytics. We leverage these technologies to answer questions related to the relationship between microbes, their hosts, and the environment. In particular, we focus on viral-host interactions and co-evolution given environmental factors (i) in aquatic systems and (ii) for phage treatment of diabetic foot ulcers.



Our lab is committed to open science. To this end, we develop bioinformatics tools and support community data resources (via iMicrobe and iVirus). These projects enable large-scale –omics analyses at all levels of computational-ability by using the CyVerse Cyberinfrastructure. To promote community-based learning and protocol sharing in viral ecology we are currently developing VERVENet, a Viral Ecology Research & Virtual Exchange Network in collaboration with protocols.io.

Our lab was established in August, 2014 at the University of Arizona in the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering.