The distribution of new tools and datasets for viral ecology in a common cyberinfrastructure is especially important in advancing our knowledge of viruses given limited resources. Specifically limitations exist in that:
  • viral metagenomes (viromes) are difficult to produce given to low quantities of DNA and specialized techniques
  • the vast majority of viral proteins are unknown (usually >90% 1), and
  • new tools for comparative and functional metagenomics are rapidly developing.
To meet these needs viral datasets need to be shared in a common cyberinfrastructure that allows for comparative metagenomic analyses across diverse environments to identify new genes and function. Moreover, new tools need to be captured in a cyberinfrastructure where they can be continually developed and adapted by the community towards fast-paced innovation. We are working toward these goals using the CyVerse cyberinfrastructure as a launching point.